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Crawl Space Cleaning Campbell

What About Crawl Space Cleaning Campbell?

Now, all of the above are good reasons to clean a crawlspace, but some may wonder if cleaning it out themselves might be a feasible option. And of course, there are some brave DIY-ers willing to venture down into the crawlspace and who possess the skills and tools it takes to get it done right.

But, in reality, very few people want to even crawl down into their crawlspace, especially if it’s damp, dirty, and infested with rodents and insects. And, it takes a professional to know how to effectively deal with black mold, how to identify and measure the seriousness of structural damage, or to create a full vapor barrier in the crawlspace.

It also takes special tools to clean certain types of contamination, and you have to wear full protective clothing while doing all of this work.

Allergens, pathogens, aggressive rodents, exposed or loose wiring, and more could all await you down in the crawlspace. In sum, this is one of those types of jobs typically best left to the professionals – and that’s us! We at Crawl Space Cleaning Campbell can take care of your crawlspace problems for you so you don’t have to!

Health Benefits!

The disease, mold, allergens, and generally “rancid air” that can fester in a dingy old crawlspace can seep up into the air in your living spaces. If your ducts run through the crawlspace, then it’s even more likely bad crawlspace air will pollute your good “upper level” air.

A much as 40% of the air circulating in and out of a home passes through the crawlspace, and breathing contaminated air can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, or worse.

Plus, diseases can spread from rodents (alive or dead), insects, and germ-infested water and dampness.

Save Money!

A total crawlspace makeover can save you as high as 30% on your monthly energy bill. How? By eliminating the conditions that attract insulation-destroying rodents and sealing holes to keep them out. By replacing damaged insulation if necessary, by air sealing, and by upgrading your ducts if they’re inadequate.

By preventing air coming in/out through the crawlspace from diluting your conditioned indoor air, you won’t have to spend as much to heat/cool your home.

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