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Crawl Space Cleaning Concord

Neglected crawl spaces are more than just an eyesore; they can also have a negative effect on your health AND make you spend more money than necessary. Read on to learn all about it, and most importantly – about how we can be of assistance!

Get Rid of Disease Carriers

Your crawl space is usually the least visited portion of your home – it’s dark, wet and smelly so, who would want to go in there, right? Well, mice and rats find it a perfect nesting place. They’ll gnaw their way into your home and start leaving their droppings and urine everywhere. Our team will trap and remove them and make sure they stay out by sealing up all the entry points. We’ll also clean and decontaminate the area and make your home healthier.

Allergens in Your Crawl Space?

Those allergy symptoms you’re having at home that clear up as soon as you step outside might be caused by something coming from down there. You see, the chimney effect makes the air move in and out of your house, as well as up and down. So, if there are any allergens in your crawl space, let’s say mold spores, pollen, etc.; they will certainly get into your home as well. Our company can improve the quality of air inside your house in no time at all, by thoroughly cleaning the area underneath it.

Why Not Decrease Utility Bills?

When moisture or rodents find their way into your crawl space, they will damage the existing insulation and make it become completely ineffective. This means your energy bills will be much higher because your HVAC system will need to work more to achieve the desired temperature and maintain it at that level. In addition, additional work means the HVAC unit will break down much sooner than it would without the added strain. You’re in luck, though, because our technicians can make all your crawl space problems go away! All you need to do is contact us and schedule a visit. Call us today!

crawl space cleaning concord

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