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As one of the biggest sources of energy loss in homes, attics are some of the best places to insulate. Does your attic have enough insulation? You may not know the answer, and that’s okay—many homeowners don’t. That’s where professional insulation contractors come in!

Do You Need More Attic Insulation?

So how do you know if your attic has enough insulation? One easy way to tell if you need more attic insulation is by poking your head up there and looking around. If you can see your floor joists (if the insulation is level with or below them), you probably need more insulation.

Poking your head up into your attic isn’t the only way to tell if you might need more insulation. Other signs to look out for include:

  • Energy bills that are higher than normal
  • Walls and floors that are unusually cold in the winter
  • Snow melting off your roof too quickly and/or ice dams forming in the winter
  • An uncomfortably warm second story in the summer
  • AC running more than normal in the summer

Attic Insulation for Your Home in Richmond

Attic insulation in warmer climates should include a radiant barrier, which is installed right underneath your roof line. It helps your home reflect, rather than absorb, heat from the sun. In the summer, this can make a huge difference.

Radiant barrier, however, isn’t the only type of insulation that should be installed in the attic. In our experience, cellulose and/or fiberglass insulation in conjunction with the radiant barrier is effective.

Benefits of Attic Insulation Installation

In addition to energy savings, insulating your attic offers a number of benefits. You can save money each year with the right amount of attic insulation—so although the upfront cost may seem like a lot, remember that insulation pays for itself in the long run.

Attic insulation can also help:

  • Your home stay more comfortable year round
  • Improve air conditioning efficiency and performance
  • Contribute toward a healthier environment (decreased energy consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions)

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