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Why Clean Your Attic Professionally

Cleaning attics is our main specialty. Most attics we attend are filthy, full of unhealthy mold and unwanted rodents and insects who just love the damp, dirty conditions. Exterminators might get rid of these pests for a while, but the only way to ensure your attic remains pest-free is to keep it hygienically clean and tidy. Whatever is going on up in the rafters might seem out of sight, but it will affect the people living or working below.

Get your Attic Cleaned Professionally

How many years has it been since you last tidied your attic? Your attic should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. If not, mold can develop that can seep into your walls and ceiling and cause a variety of health problems for the inhabitants below.  Dust and dust mites can multiply and make their way into your air filtration system. Rodents can invade and spend the long days sleeping in your insulation, while coming down to the house in the dead of the night to forage for food and spread disease. The longer you leave it, the more they will multiply, gain confidence and take over your building.

Crawl Spaces Included!

Our professional cleaners will get into every nook and cranny of your attic to make sure that it’s not just clean, but also thoroughly sterile and germ free. We can even get into the crawl space and remove all the dust and mold to ensure your attic is thoroughly disinfected and healthy.

Professional Cleaning Done Right

Our experts are trained in all aspects of attic services to ensure whenever we enter an attic, we leave it tip-top condition. We use specialist protective suits to guard ourselves from all the germs, airborne particles and diseases that may be breeding in your attic and are fully equipment to make sure that when we clean, all the dirt is secured and is entirely removed when we leave.

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