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Crawl Space Encapsulation Livermore

Traditional crawl spaces are a leading source of mold in homes which causes poor indoor air quality, and can be linked to asthma, allergies, and health issues. Without encapsulation, moisture, odors, mold spores, and pests can enter your home. Take control of your home’s indoor air quality with our crawl space encapsulation system.

Why Encapsulation is Better

Better Indoor Air

Traditional crawlspaces are generally damp areas that lead to mold growth which can drastically affect the indoor air quality of the home. 

Encapsulation eliminates path for molds, bacteria, and pests; all potential allergens.

Protection of Property

A professionally encapsulated crawlspace helps preserve the structure of your home. By controlling ground moisture as well as removing excessive humidity from the air we are able to:

Prevent mold, rot and other potential structural damage.

Improve air quality in the crawlspace AND home above.

Energy Savings

According to the Advanced Energy Study, homeowners can reduce energy bills by up to 15% by encapsulating the crawlspace.

Encapsulated crawl spaces control air leakage, and saves money on heating and cooling.

Heating / Cooling systems and ducts perform more efficiently.

With no barrier between you and the crawlspace, odors, moisture, and mold spores can get drawn into your living area due to natural convection. This is known as the “stack effect”.  In our experience, a traditional crawlspace is  a leading source of mold in homes, which causes poor indoor air quality, and can be linked to asthma, allergies, and health issues.

What to Expect from Our Crawl Space Encapsulation System

At Crawl Space Encapsulation Livermore, we are passionate about providing effective services that maintain the well-being of your family. Our crawl space encapsulation solutions ensure moisture doesn’t have a chance to accumulate and cause mold and mildew problems.

With our affordable, and convenient crawlspace repair, your home can remain mold-free. Here’s what you can expect:

We never use harsh chemicals

We use negative air machines to prevent any contamination to the living space while performing our services

We stop the spread of mold where it started and remove it

We air seal all openings to exterior and living space (when appropriate)

We install wall and floor liners without putting hundreds of holes in your foundation walls like other crawlspace companies

We will install sump pumps and dehumidifiers when necessary

Keep your home structurally sound with our crawl space encapsulation solution. For more information regarding our services, contact us today.

Vapor Barrier Benefits

Some of the benefits of vapor barrier installation match crawl space encapsulation, but you can also:

Store things in your crawl space

Gives your home better air quality

You save money on your energy bill

You can reduce mold issues in your crawl space by reducing humidity

What’s The Verdict?

Indeed, there is no right decision. The choice you have for your crawl space comes down to what you want for your home, and now you know more to be able to aid in your decision-making process. The options between crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation are very similar, but crawl space encapsulation is more expensive an option. Doing the research into both options will give you similar answers, so really it’s going to depend on your budget.

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