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Crawl Space Rodent Proofing In Sunnyvale

Crawl Space Rodent Proofing In Sunnyvale

Removing rats or mice from your home or business is a two-step process. First, you need to get rid of the rodents that are living there. Second, you may need to take action to prevent new rats or mice from entering. If prevention of rodent entry is not addressed, you may find yourself in an endless cycle of baiting and trapping rats and mice as they continue to enter your property. 

Prevention is just as important as treatment to maintain a rodent-free property. Many pest control providers are only interested in removing rodents that are present and offer no help to prevent new rats or mice from coming in. However, Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions offers professional and rodent proofing solutions for both small and large-scale projects.

At every rat or mouse service call, we will perform an inspection of both the interior and exterior of the property. Based on the inspection, we may make recommendations regarding rodent proofing and/or other preventative measures. Sometimes, a new or better-fitting door sweep can help solve your problem. If rodent holes are located, often the solution is as simple as using hardware cloth and concrete to patch small holes that mice or rats are using as entryways. For larger projects, our in-house contractors are capable of handling rodent proofing jobs of almost any size. We have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to rat or mouse proofing.

Our team of scientists understands how animals find their way into structures, develop service plans, and make the improvements necessary to protect your home from suffering more damage.

  • Remove the feces, urine, and nesting material
  • Replace contaminated insulation, or compacted insulation with new, fresh insulation
  • Seal mice out from foundations, conduit lines, pipe penetrations, dormers, vents, and soffits
  • Animal proof attic vents, mushroom vents, dryer vents, and other vulnerable areas
  • Install durable animal-proof chimney caps
  • Prevent animals from burrowing under decks, stoops, foundations, and sheds with underground steel barriers
  • Animals have their place in nature, not in your home.

Landmark Seals Animals Out

A mouse requires only a quarter-inch hole to get inside. Identifying all of the holes through which they can enter requires specialized training in wildlife and its habits as well as training in how structures work. Landmark’s biologists and craftsmen possess both of these qualities and undergo special training to master our proprietary techniques. Our experts find hidden entrances and other vulnerable entry points and then apply animal-proof products to ensure wildlife is sealed out.

We restore more than your home. We restore your peace of mind.

Pest Proofing

Most homes were not built with animal and insect invasion in mind. Any crack or void invites insects, rodents, birds and larger wildlife to enter your building. Raccoons enter through attic fans, and squirrels enter attics through unprotected vents. Skunks dig under decks, and chipmunks burrow beneath sidewalks and foundations.

Landmark seals pests out. Sealing gaps is particularly important as part of a green pest control plan, as reduced reliance on pesticides and rodenticides can be achieved through structural exclusion.

Landmark conducts roof to basement inspections to identify the areas where pests enter. Our insect specialists use methods that are environmentally friendly and our craftsmen seal gaps and close entry points to keep insects and wildlife out.

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