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At Crawl Space Cleaning Bay Area, we are dedicated to finding and eliminating the hidden hazards lurking in your property’s attic and crawl space. We believe that high-quality work shouldn’t come at a premium, therefore, our services are competitively priced so more people can enjoy the comfort and safety of their homes/business and protect their investments.

Our team will inspect your property and come up with a custom plan that is perfectly designed for your specific needs and budget. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

We believe that what you don’t know might hurt you! Therefore, we offer a complete line of services designed to keep your family and/or employees healthier and safer, while reducing your energy bills:

  • Attic Insulation Removal
  • Crawl Space Cleaning
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
  • Crawl Space Floor Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation

It’s Time to do something!

Whether your attic and crawl spaces require regular inspection and maintenance, one-time repair, partial refurbishment or total replacement, Crawl Space Cleaning Bay Area is your one-stop shop. Call us today at 650-457-6180 for friendly, professional advice over the phone, or to request a complimentary inspection of your property.


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Without question, moisture is the main cause of many crawl space issues – it’s the fuel for mold, rot, rodents and more! Here’s what you need to do:

Vapor Barriers – Properly sealed crawl spaces help reduce humidity. Vapor barriers composed of thick sheets of plastic are secured to the floor, blocking water seepage – a very worthwhile investment.

Ductwork Maintenance – Crawl spaces often accommodate ducts for heating and cooling. Leaky, poorly insulated ducts attract moisture and can provide transport for all the dust, spores and radon lurking down there. Energy costs can skyrocket when duct work is faulty. Sealing and insulating ducts in your crawl space can save hundreds of dollars, and may even improve your health!

Plumbing Upkeep – Condensation on pipes is one of the main causes of excess moisture in your crawl space. Insulate plumbing to the latest specifications to avoid moisture buildup. Unattended pipes can leak without being noticed, and should be inspected regularly.

Electrical Wiring – Rodents love to chew on plastic wiring! Make sure wires are properly secured to walls and that they are properly covered and out of reach of animals. Replace old wiring to prevent breakdowns and fires.

Ventilation – One of the best ways to curb moisture and radon accumulation in your crawl space is to ensure proper ventilation. Install a circulation system that maximizes air flow and allows escape to the outside. No hair dryers, please!

Insulation – Old ceiling insulation often loosens and hangs off the ceiling of your crawl space, negating its usefulness as a barrier. Ensure your crawl space is equipped with modern, well-maintained insulation.

Inspecting and maintaining your crawl space is key to minimizing costs and ensuring health and safety. This is not usually something you can do by yourself. Finding the right people for the job can make all the difference.

Whether your crawl space requires regular inspection and maintenance, one-time repair, partial refurbishment or total renovation, Crawl Space Cleaning Bay Area is your one-stop shop. For friendly professional advice over the phone, call us or request a complimentary inspection of your crawl space.

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Properly sealed, moisture-protected, and insulated walls help increase comfort, reduce noise, and save on energy costs. However, walls are the most complex component of the building envelope to insulate, air seal, and control moisture.

Insulation in your attic that has been degraded from various issues, including aging, is likely to not be as effective as it once was. The most telltale sign of this is your energy bill sharply rising over time.

The crawl space is likely the last part of your home you want to even think about, much less “crawl” down into to clean, seal, or re-insulate. And yet, the truth is that dirty, damp, and un- or under- insulated crawl spaces can be a big problem.

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