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Crawl Space Cleaning Walnut Creek

We are a family-owned and operated business performing high-quality attic improvements for homeowners in Walnut Creek and around the greater Bay Area. We specialize in insulation removal and replacement as well as pest and rodent control, crawl space vapor barriers, attic cleaning and sanitizing.

Once we’ve cleaned out and updated your attic to current energy efficiency guidelines, you’ll notice an immediate difference in terms of whole-home comfort and reduced utility spending. Any of our services can include air sealing, which is known to notably improve energy efficiency particularly in homes building prior to the 1990s.

If your Walnut Creek home is 15-years old or more, it’s time to update the insulation. Today’s energy efficient standards, set by the U.S. Department of Energy, have revolutionized the way home designers and builders think about attic insulation.

A large majority of heating and cooling loss takes place via inadequately insulated attic and crawl spaces. Noise reduction is a valuable – although lesser-mentioned – bonus of updating your insulation, and is especially valuable for homes on busier streets and intersection or located in downtown or mixed-use locations.

The team at Attic Solutions will assess your home and make recommendations about your home’s attic, crawl and exterior wall spaced. According to, replacing inadequate or outdated insulation in the attic can save as much as 15% on your total energy savings.

Additionally, sealing and adequately insulating your attic space:

Saves your HVAC system from additional wear-and-tear, which translates to reduced repair and replacement costs.
Improves whole-home comfort since well-insulated attics mean more consistent and comfortable interior temperatures.

Enhances your home’s indoor air quality because, by the time we’re done, dust, mold, pest debris, and other particulates are no longer circulating through your home’s forced-air system.

Ready to replace your old insulation with a higher-tech, cleaner and more efficient alternative? Contact us and we’ll provide a free estimate. Upon request, our experienced team can also provide additional suggestions to save energy, reduce utility spending and reduce your carbon footprint.

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