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Crawl Space Insulation

There are different types of insulation, and each type will work well in some applications and poorly in others. Builders began using fiberglass batts to insulate crawl spaces many years ago, before newer types of insulation had been developed. Today, we know that fiberglass performs poorly when installed between crawl space joists. In fact, if often ends up as a moisture-soaked mess on the crawl space floor.

Three “target areas” for new crawl space insulation

Rim joist. Insulating and air-sealing this perimeter zone is important because it’s a major source of air infiltration and conductive heat loss.

Walls. SilverGlo® rigid foam insulation is the perfect choice for insulating crawl space walls. This upgrade moves your home’s thermal boundary to the foundation walls, which makes your home more comfortable and your HVAC system more efficient

Floor. If you live in an area where the ground freezes during wintertime, TerraBlock™ crawl space floor insulation is a smart upgrade to install. It can be installed over a dirt or concrete floor.

Superior insulation options available from Basement Systems

TerraBlock™ is high-performance crawl space insulation that includes a durable moisture barrier. The ¾-in.-thick sheet material can be installed directly over any type of crawl space floor, providing a clean, dry surface that helps the home to be more comfortable and energy efficient. Thanks to its puncture-proof design, TerraBlock™ also provides a cushioned surface for anyone who needs to work in your crawl space. To provide drainage in a crawl space that has water seepage, we install TerraBlock™ over drainage matting that directs water to a sump pump. TerraBlock™ can also be used to seal and insulate crawl space walls. It’s compatible with other products in the CleanSpace® system.

SilverGlo® rigid foam insulation is available exclusively from us. Thanks to a patented graphite infusion process, SilverGlo™ has higher R-value than standard EPS foam (R-11 for a 2-in.-thick panel). Every SilverGlo™ panel also comes with a shiny integral radiant barrier that reflects heat for enhanced energy efficiency. SilverGlo™ is ideal for insulating basement and crawl space walls because of its excellent thermal properties and exceptional durability. It won’t lose R-value or be damaged by moisture.

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